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The story of the first Presbyterian church established in Texas on June 3, 1838, is one of dedication and adherence  to the faith of those who traveled the long journey through trial and discouragement for many years.


The stories of those ministers who began trips to Texas in 1832 is not unique to other Protestant groups emerging in the area.  These also found much opposition to the Protestant faith, because at the time Texas was a Spanish territory. They traveled along the Sabine River, along El Camino Real, and encountered threats and personal assaults in their efforts to preach the Gospel.  The first meeting was in Milam in 1832, and from there to Goodlaw’s school house, four miles west of San Augustine where the first  Presbyterian church was organized.  This church was named Bethel Presbyterian Church.


In November, 1840, the meeting place was changed from Goodlaw’s school house to San Augustine and the name changed from Bethel to Memorial Presbyterian Church. A building was erected, which stands today, and completed in 1887. There is a unique antique look in the sanctuary, with the original pulpit chairs in place, and the choir loft representing the beautiful hymns sung throughout all the years. 


The ancestry of these men and women can be traced in most part to that early stronghold of Presbyterianism in North Carolina. Through the years, the rich heritage continued with the ministries of others who represented revival and upbuilding on a solid foundation.


Memorial Presbyterian Church is located at  205 E. Livingston, San Augustine, 75972.

We welcome you to come visit at our Sunday service at 11 am.

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